Otoplasty is suitable for patients over the age of four. As a child, otoplasty must be performed under general anesthetic. Adults can be safely and comfortably operated on under local anesthetic. Each person's ears are unique and require slightly different techniques to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. Dr. Soliman will carefully examine you and design the procedure meticulously in order to get the results you are waiting for.

Brow lift

A forehead lift, also called a “brow lift”, restores a more youthful, revitalized
appearance to the area above the eyes. The procedure corrects drooping brows and improves the lines and wrinkles that can make you appear tired, sad or angry. In a forehead lift, the muscles and tissues that cause the wrinkles or drooping are removed or repositioned in order to smooth the forehead, elevate the eyebrows and diminish frown lines.This procedure could be performed in conjunction with BOTOX injections to augment results.

Dr. Soliman will walk you through both techniques and tell you detailed
information that help you take the right decision.

Cheek lift /implant

There are really two areas that are commonly referred to as the "cheek." One area is the cheekbone, or malar area. The other is the actual soft cheek, also called the buccal area. The shape and size of both have a profound influence on the appearance of the face. In general, it is aesthetically pleasing to have some fullness or prominence to the malar area (cheekbone). In contrast, less fullness of the buccal area (soft cheek) tends to be more aesthetically pleasing. A beautiful contour is more about the balance of the two areas than the actual fullness or emptiness of either one. For those individuals who have a lack of fullness of the malar area (cheekbone), augmentation here will improve the appearance and shape of the face. Similarly, for those individuals who have excess fullness of the buccal area (soft cheek), reduction will lead to a more pleasing look. Again, it is the balance between the two areas that is essential. Another method is to surgically alter and reposition your face muscles. A cheek lift is a more permanent option than dermal injectable fillers, and has a shorter recovery time and less visible scarring than a full facelift.