Micro Fat Grafting (Fat Injections)

The Face

As we age, fat in certain parts of our body atrophies or dissipates leading to step-offs and hollowness on the face, and around the eyes. Fat injection procedures known as autologous fat transplantation or microfat injection, involves removing fat from an area of excess on your body. The fat cells are then injected to fill sunken cheeks or laugh lines between the nose and mouth, to correct skin depressions on indentations, to minimize forehead wrinkles, to improve step-offs around the eyelids and to enhance lips.

The Hand

As we age, the fat at the back of the hands may atrophy or go away. The tendons and veins on the back of the hands become more visible, giving the hands an irregular contour full of blue and white “cords.” Fat injection into such hands can replace lost fullness thereby correcting contour. The fat will also serve to hide tendons and veins on the back of your hands which are one of the typical signs of aging. As the injected autologous fat is harvested from you, it tends to last longer than injected collagen.

Chin Implant

The appearance of the chin greatly influences the appearance of the face. A chin that is not in proportion to the rest of the upper face creates imbalance and detracts from the beauty that there may already be. Most people feel that a stronger chin is more aesthetically pleasing than weak chin. Chin enhancement is a procedure in which the area of the chin is increased in volume and projection. Although there are numerous ways to accomplish this, our preferred method is to use an implant. Some other patients may need reduction in the size of the chin or an improvement in the soft tissues around the chin. The correct procedure for an individual can only be determined after a thorough examination and consultation done by Dr. Soliman.