Facial fillers may be a non-surgical option to regain your youthful look, or may be performed to enhance the results following plastic surgery.It fills the static wrinkles to give a natural and vibrant look. While results are not permanent, the enhancement lasts anywhere between 6-8 months, even longer depending on the area injected. Your youthful look with gradually return. Hyaluronic acid is a clear gel form, naturally occurring component of our skin. One of the physical features of hyalonuric acid is that it is hydroscopic – that is, it binds water to itself. This is one of the important features that make these products so successful in cosmetic treatments. It hydrates your skin from the inside and stimulates your body to produce its natural collagen when injected regularly. The filler is injected into areas of the face where lines require plumping or volume needs to be restored and results are immediate.Lip enhancement could be done for all ages. Wheather for young clients who want to enhance the volume or the contour of their lips; or those who lost their natural contour and/or volume, Hyaluronic acid could help restore your lips to their natural appearance By restoring fullness to the lips, the over all contour of you’re your lips is enhanced lipstick bleed lines (vertical lines around the lip) may also be dramatically improved. is most commonly used to soften the nasolabial folds (deep smile lines around the nose). It can also be used for heavy frown lines usulay after Botox treatment to give the best of results. Some clients like to exaggerate a bit, no harm of that, no scientific disadvantage has been shown, so you can get more relaxed look , rested and fresh. Don’t forget to ask about “The filler Y lift”, during your consultation.