For Him

Cosmetic procedures are quickly becoming more popular and commonplace for the male population. Men are seeking these procedures to look younger and rejuvenated and feel more confident about their appearance. With the advancement of the associated technologies and techniques used, it is possible now to achieve results from these procedures with less downtime and to achieve more natural-looking results.

What Is an Attractive Male Face?

What is it about a man’s face that people consider handsome? There is a general masculinity to the features, which are angular and well defined. Sometimes patients question whether Fillers/Botox can create the sharper lines they want. Dr. Shehab has spent years refining his approach to using non-surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation, and he is able to create impressive results.
Dr. Shehab uses various strategies to help men look strong and masculine:

A more pronounced chin: The chin is a key area for men. A strong chin is synonymous with confidence, Rested eyes: It’s difficult to look vital if you have dark circles or bags under your eyes. Treatments under the eyes can erase years from your appearance. It is one of those subtle changes, when combined with other treatments, that has a significant effect & the big picture: Combining small changes in several areas of the face creates a more balanced, proportional appearance. Dr. Shehab assess your face holistically, looking for symmetry and a masculine profile. That involves your nose and chin, a smooth forehead with heavier brows than seen on women, and other concerns that are unique to each man’s face

Men with few wrinkles are often complimented as looking ruggedly handsome or distinguished. But those early signs of aging, much like flecks of gray hair at the temples, can seem to multiply overnight. “Distinguished” is replaced by “old” or “aging.”