FRAC3 can treat

Large pores: if you look closely at your skin with a magnifier mirror you will see these big holes, those pores are hard to camouflage with make up and hard to treat with over the counter cosmetics. • Uneven skin tone: by comparing your face areas you can find that some are darker than others such as cheek and perioral regions . • Pigmentation: sun can cause uneven tanning effect on your skin and might cause dark spots in some areas for which this technique targets easily. • Helps to tighten loose and sagging skin: This nonablative modality targets specific deeper imperfections to complement the effect of the intraoral treatment and restore youthful texture. • Pimples & inflammatory ACNE: ACNE can cause terrible destruction to your skin, by the inflammatory process that happens in this case the damage reaches deep layers of the skin leaving marks ,scars and spots.