Hyperhidrosis/Excessive sweating:

Excessive sweating is considered an embarrassing condition, as well as an incapacitating in some individuals. Sweaty hands are a major social and functional handicap, as individuals who suffer from this condition complain of inability to engage in social events. A lack of a firm grip might cause slipping of objects as well as accidents. Sweaty armpits usually are associated with a social stigma, since the individuals suffering from this condition complain of continuous staining of their cloths as well as undesirable odors On the other hand, sweaty feet are usually associated with undesirable odors and a higher incidence of fungal infections. Problematic areas are injected with minute amounts of very dilute Botox. The Botox is injected into the skin (as opposed to injecting into the muscle, as is done with Botox for cosmetic use). It requires a skilled practitioner to achieve success with these skin injections. For reasons that are not fully understood, Botox lasts much longer in the skin than in the muscle, usually one treatment will last up to a year. Remember, this presentation does not take the place of your consultation and you should make sure to jot down any questions you may want to ask us later.