Breast lift “Mastopexy”

Following massive weight loss the skin envelope is often loose and empty. The looseness may extend around the sides of the body towards the back. If the looseness is just isolated to the breast a Mastopexy, or breast lift, will lift and reshape the breast. If the looseness extends around to the sides, the incisions will be extended in the form of an upper body lift to tighten this. It is possible to use any excess tissue under the arms to enlarge/augment the breast and avoid the need for a breast implant, this is called auto-augmentation. Sometimes a breast implant would be needed to augment the breast if the available breast tissue is not sufficient for auto-augmentation. These possibilities will be discussed with you in full during the consultation session with Dr.Soliman. Dr.Soliman has his own publication in the new techniques he uses in upper body lift: Upper Body Lift. Clinics in Plastic Surgery, Number one, vol. 35; 107-115 January 2008.