Botox for Migraine Treatment:

Coming from a family with a strong history of migraine, Dr. Soliman fully understands the suffering endured by such a debilitating condition. This history motivated him to peruse further knowledge regarding the causes, mechanism and the treatment of migraine. Migraine is a debilitating condition for which there are multiple medical treatments. It affects 1.4-2.4% of the population worldwide. Many people are not aware that Botox has FDA approval for the prevention of these headaches. It is particularly effective for those people who have specific areas of the face, neck and top of the back that commonly trigger these headaches or have specific areas that cause pain during the attacks. There is a verity of fixed and non-fixed injection sites that vary from one person to another. Determination of this injection sites is tailored during your examination. Botox can be used to alleviate migraine attacks in cases where you get more than 8 attacks per month or more than 15 successive days of continuous headache (cluster headaches). Botox will decrease or halt the attacks in about 89% of cases, so why suffer? Dr. Soliman gained his expertise in Botox for migraine relive after attending several workshops and training courses. He has aided in alleviating the suffering of a lot of his clients.