Get the load off your chest

Many women with extra sized breasts resulting in social embarrassment ,which forces them to hide the big breast underneath bulky clothes or even causing social withdrawal. Often, huge breasts could give a false impression that the person is over- weight. (breast ptosis) and a degree of asymmetry. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, it has a functional element into it. It could affect the back (vertebral column) causing back, neck and shoulder pain along with pain from bra straps and possibly rashes under the breasts and in severe cases shortness of breath too. These symptoms are significantly improved by breast reduction and clients are highly satisfied with the results. This volume excess is generally associated with sagging breasts
Women who benefit from breast reduction are usually those with D cup breasts or larger which causes pain and rash. Other women choose breast reduction for psychological or aesthetic reasons to balance body contours. Most women who pursue breast reduction consider the procedure for many years before having surgery, and they often wonder why they waited so long to undergo such a life changing operation. During your consultation, Dr. Soliman will access the volume of the breast, the degree of breast sagging, skin quality and nipple location. Different techniques and incisions will be presented to you and explained in details. Dr. Soliman will walk you through the operation details and options, helping you take the right decision that suits your needs and eventually reaching a satisfying outcome.