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Dr. Shehab Soliman

A Consultant Plastic Surgeon , A Consultant Post Bariatric Surgeon , A Prof. of Plastic Surgery – Cairo University. In addition , he is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) since 2008, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) since 2010 & the Egyptian Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons (ESPRS) since 2004. He is a founding member of Aesthetic Academy of Egypt (AAEG) in 2015.


Other than his stunning medical profession to date, Dr. Shehab has also had a run in sharing his accumulative knowledge and experience throughout iconic publications in the field of plastic surgery. Specially in the field of “ Total Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss” . His numerous publications in Egypt and in USA has been recognized both nationally and internationally.


So far Dr. Shehab has been invited as speaker in national and international congresses. He has also been an esteemed lecturer in both Egypt, Canada & different states in USA, amongst are Massachusetts, Seattle, Atlanta, Cleveland & California. 


As a faculty member of Cairo University, he lectures MD candidates in the field of “ Total Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss” ( Post- Bariatric Surgeries)


Dr. Shehab’s gained appreciation through awards, amongst, from Cairo University in recognition of his international publications that aided in up- Ranking the position of Cairo University internationally in December 2013. In 2009, he was nominated for the Best Standing for Egypt Macedonia Awards (ISAPS). February 2007, he won the best article award.

“ It doesn’t have to be good.It has to be perfect”

Little did I know when I first heard these words from one of my greatest mentors in the US, that they would grow to be my driving passion. This unweaving passion driven from perfection pushed me to attain a high level of professional skill to help improve body image perception of my clients.

Dr. Shehab Soliman


Pursuing my dream of enhancing my knowledge and skills,my training in the U.S included different aspects of plastic and cosmetic surgeries. I was mentored by many textbook names, each in his field.I completed fellowships and observer-ships in the most prestigious plastic surgery institutes and Universities. That included ICPS ( IA ), Paces ( Emory ), Cleveland Clinic ( OH ), UCLA and many Private practices in OC,California. This enhanced my prior training with the most eminent plastic surgeons in my home country, Egypt. Yet, my passion remains mostly directed towards body re-contouring after massive weight loss.

Our mission

Restore, Refine and Enhance you in the most natural way in order to achieve your RESTORE, REFINE & ENHANCE.


I favor natural looking outcomes in my work, so I tend to avoid exaggerated and over done looks. I am a realistic man, never promising to have a magic stick, though I have very well trained hands with a high artistic sense. I will employ the best of my expertise and knowledge for every single client, each time to uncover the beauty she or he got. I always choose the most conservative techniques in order to minimize the scars and postoperative sequela. Thus, I use all my surgical skills in my tireless pursuit of perfection. My job as a plastic surgeon is a journey for both me and the client that we need to enjoy, so I spend a good amount of time with my clients, either examining or answering all questions and concerns. My goal is to build a smooth and healthy physician-client relationship before we get any work done. Building a healthy relationship is the cornerstone for smooth surgery. This could be achieved only via mutual trust. What you expect VS what I can deliver must be answered, thus reaching a satisfactory common ground in our relationship.


This website aims at informing you about the improvements that can be expected from a plastic surgery. However, it does not cover all potential procedures, nor does it intend to replace a consultation with a certified surgeon. Eventually you need to visit our office for more details and options available for you, and you get to know our team closely.