Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, also known as a “tummy tuck” is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen. The procedure also usually involves tightening of the abdominal muscles. Tummy tuck surgery aims to give you a flatter, firmer abdomen with better abdominal muscle tone.

Excess skin and fat in the abdomen can make people self-conscious and feel less confident about themselves. In some cases, people may seek tummy tuck surgery because the excessive skin and fat can result in difficulties with choosing clothes, exercising and performing other activities. Some people may also have separation of their abdominal muscles causing a gap (rectus divarication), especially after multiple pregnancies. The separated muscles can be sutured back together during your tummy tuck surgery to improve your muscle tone and function.

Most people who seek tummy tuck surgery would like to remove the excessive skin and fat in their abdomen that they are unable to shift with just diet and exercise alone. This excess tissue and loss of skin elasticity in the abdomen is commonly a result of:

  • Weight changes
  • Pregnancies
  • Natural Aging

During your consultation with Dr Soliman, you will be able to discuss your goals and concerns. Dr Soliman will discuss your procedure with you including what sort of scars to expect, what garments to wear and how long it will take to recover from surgery.

Dr Soliman has had extensive training using various different techniques and types of tummy tuck surgery. He will be able to tailor your procedure to ensure that you achieve natural-looking results based on your body shape and individual needs

Clients Words

Dr. Shehab is extermly patient, honest and client oriented.
He has an eye to fine details with a classy taste. I ve been dealing with him since 2018 in all my cosmetic/plastic related interventions, and he never failed to impress me with the results.
Sally FaragVoice Over Artist
He’s the best doctor I’ve ever dealt with!
Dr. Shehab is very caring, compassionate and professional at the same time. You basically feel that he’s not only your trusted doctor, but he’s also your close friend. He creates a natural trustworthy aura around him which you can never miss. I’ve been very lucky to be one of his patients and I’ll definitely come back if I need any further medical procedures.
Sarah Hany
My favorite Doctor!
As a German I value honesty, accuracy n quality, Dr. Shehab is leading in all of them, on top of being passionate about his profession.
Heidi KneipG&k and works at Stadtverwaltung Frankenthal
Honest and keen
The best doctor ever.
Nina Ali
His is so professional
into details always has a knew technics , good luck always Doctor Shehab .
Lamia SaidFashion stylist

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